Friday, February 21, 2014

best-dressed strategy and solid cologne

HAPPY FRIDAY. It was a quiet week, but a good week. I did receive a belated Valentine’s card and ten bucks sent direct from the coldest place on earth, so there’s the excitement for the past few days. Sometimes (I stress, sometimes) an uneventful routine is relaxing. But the wardrobe boredom I described Tuesday isn’t something I want to luxuriate in. This look is fun because it layers textures (rugged denim + soft knit with delicate cutout detail) and aesthetics (a feminine but sporty cotton skirt and masculine duck boots). It has elements of spring while still being practical for snowy sidewalks. Add thick gray leggings or faded stone skinnies to channel this fall trend. Combining classic separates in unique ways is a solid style strategy – it assures your wardrobe isn’t overly trendy and disposable, while keeping it fresh. In the end, these pieces all have longevity. And for my male readers today (perhaps prepping for a night out?), another thing that lasts: solid cologne. I don’t think men need to wear it, but do find a faint scent attractive – in itself and in its suggestion of good grooming habits. You might prefer dabbing a solid texture on the skin to spritzing yourself, it’s subtler and lasts longer than a spray, and the compact packages are easy to carry in your back pocket or gym bag. If there’s one thing you can be proud of, it’s leaving a good scent when you go. Check out a few options here

jacket. sweatshirt. shirt ( similar). skirt (gap - old). boots

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