Wednesday, February 12, 2014

coupling up

Anyone else ready for Friday? I am beyond excited to be in Chicago this weekend. I’m due for some catch-up time with friends and by coincidence my mom will also be in from Minnesota visiting my sister±—so excited for some fun lunches with them. Ideally, I'd wear one of these matching-separates ensembles for pizza and paninis at Francesca's Forno on Saturday. The trend’s been going strong since last summer and continuing into fall, so it’s time even late adopters test it out. I especially love structured pieces like Courtney's (below right) for a smart, professional look that's fresh and modern. This trapeze top and these tailored pants in lemon yellow are so fun for spring. But don't wait for the snow to melt to whoop it up (seriously, it could be May)—Bon Appetit is counting down to Valentine's Day with a parade of sexy cocktails that all taste a lot like fun. Mix up today’s Viking Glogg for a mid-week treat.


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