Wednesday, February 19, 2014

designer taste

Someone recently asked me whom I consider my favorite designers, and I was kind of caught off guard. I don’t have a high-fashion budget, so haven’t historically paid much attention to the who behind the what – since I'm not buying the garments off the runway, all I need to take away from the shows are trends, concepts, inspiration. But it really bothered me that I didn’t have an answer. Like being able to pinpoint my favorite food or movie, I should be able to name a few designers I identify with. So I launched a little research project. Based mostly on spring and fall ’14 ready-to-wear collections, here's what I like: Temperley’s decorative designs and comingling of softness and structure (I don't say 'swoon,' but swoon); Cynthia Rowley’s modern, distinctive silhouettes with hints of sporty sensibility; Theory’s cinched, professional bodices and free-flowing, seductive skirts; Tibi’s simplicity and clever, casual sophistication; Tracy Reese’s relaxed trousers topped with tailored jackets. (Name drop alert: I met Tracy Reese when she participated in a panel at Target HQ during the company's holiday collab with Neiman. Cool lady.) As fashion evolves each season, I’m sure so will my leanings, but for now I’m satisfied. And so is Ariel Foxman, who's sharing a behind-the-scenes look at his perfectly gratifying InStyle Editor office. I think it's cool that he went from the New Yorker to a women's fashion magazine – and obviously aspire to be sent free stacks of coffee table books and tickets to the Oscars, too.

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