Tuesday, February 11, 2014

eat dessert first

Driving home from Trader Joe’s on Saturday, the green and yellow Greenbush Bakery sign on Regent Street caught my eye – I remembered seeing the name on a Best of Madison list. When I first moved to the city I was a rock star about trying new restaurants and hotspots, but haven’t been as exploratory lately. Blame winter and my budget. But last night I forced myself out of the rut and into the unassuming shop that looked from the outside like it could be a hardware supply store – conveying an authentic "we do donuts, not decor" personality. I usually save sweets (and general indulging) for Saturday and Sunday, but this was about getting to know my neighborhood and trying new things – and certain sacrifices must be made. An old-fashioned chorus of bells rings obnoxiously when you open the door, but the sugary scent that floats in the air makes you immediately forgive it. At 6 pm, the counter was still chock full of glazed and frosted puffs – a win for the working girl. And for two bucks, I went home with two tens. Snacking on the delicately crispy, airy donuts while watching Juan Pablo make a fool of himself was just what Monday needed. It's going to be a good week. I can taste it. If you're not persuaded to press pause on your healthy routine for just one morning, stay the course with NYFW (day six currently underway) model Josephine Skriver, who's dishing on her pre-show breakfast here.

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