Thursday, February 6, 2014

gimme springtime

So, old Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and temperatures are stubbornly staying low. Two thumbs down. But the days are getting longer – driving home from work this week while there was still some light in the sky was a huge step forward! So let’s keep steppin’. Strappy sandals are still a no-go, but here's how I'm getting into a spring-y state of mind right now. 1. Floral pumps – the conservative shape will protect toes from the cold, while the petal motif is leaps and bounds livelier than predictable black. 2. Sunny highlights – Kate Mara is literally aglow in this new shade. It’s all the inspiration I need to call my stylist. 3. A green smoothie – refreshing juice blends don’t have to be reserved for hot, sticky days. This one tastes amazing, is easy to make, and gets you your greens! 4. A new bag – you can justify buying two bags a year: one in fall, one in spring. Well, the time is now to refresh for spring. I love Coach’s newly sophisticated and simple designs, and the colors (grey birch, peach rose, powder blue) are dreamy. 5. A country playlist – nothing lightens the step like a little twang, and it's the best motivation for jumping in the shower at 5AM. A few to get you started: When She Says Baby, Give Me Back My Hometown, Sober. Know who else is pressing play on a new track? The Tonight Show. After more than twenty years, tonight is Jay Leno’s last night as host before Fallon takes over. Billy Crystal, Garth Brooks and rumored others will be his guests. I rarely watch the show (and kind of wish I’d been part of the Johnny Carson era), but don't plan to miss the sendoff  11:35/10:35c! 

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