Wednesday, February 26, 2014

mules and wall street wolves

Mules: clunky, chunky-heeled clogs often found on the feet of older women. Not traditionally the first style I'd choose to freshen up my spring footwear assortment. But that's all changing this season. The backless shoe is stepping into "it" status with metallic touches, spiky stilettos and more modern designs—and because it's perfect for both office hours and after hours, I won't feel a bit guilty about buying a pair. John Lefevre isn't feeling any guilt either. The man behind the @GSElevator Twitter handle was recently revealed—though he was never a Goldman employee, did work on Wall Street— and he's cashing in on his tattletale tweets with a six-figure Touchstone book deal. I am seriously intrigued by this guy's inventive "extracurricular activity," his method ("Early on, I tweeted more about specific people or deals, inside jokes/commentary, and even a few ad hominem attacks. That gave me a certain validation and credibility. But over time, the tweets have been increasingly styled to have a bit more commercial appeal."), and the book will no doubt feed your Wolf of Wall Street curiosity ("I went into investment banking and I saw a group of people that aren't as impressive as I thought they were—or as impressive as they thought they were. They defined themselves as human beings by their jobs."). Treat yourself to a mule, then read more about the proposed hardcover here.


SHOP MULES: pointy toe. open toe. wedge.

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