Tuesday, February 18, 2014

spring fever

Good morning! I'm a little bleary-eyed from staying up to watch Meryl and Charlie win gold last night. Aren't they so cute? The photos and videos from their early days as a pair are adorable and their poise (at ten!) disarming. Despite the drowsiness, I’m ready to get back to the routine after taking Friday off and having an unexpected snow day yesterday. Highlights from the long weekend include manicures on Halsted, a Valentine’s date of tacos and men’s figure skating with Stacy (yes, we’re cool), a girls’ night of greasy barbecue at Bub City, and Sunday brunch with my sister, mom and two of her BU grad school friends. It was really fun to chat with these women on the cusp of retirement after such interesting and impressive careers – and to hear about the days when happy hour included free hot appetizers and my mom (of all people) furnished her apartment by dumpster diving. After all the activity, it felt really good to sink into my couch Sunday night. Even though it’s only two and a half hours from Chicago to Madison, the drive home was slightly painful thanks to the I-90 “rebuild and widen” initiative. The posted speed limit is forty-five. Yeah. Plus it was really sunny, and bundled up in my winter wool I was so hot and uncomfortable that I had to crack the windows. I felt kind of tough until I saw a convertible with the top down cruising Broom Street. It was twenty-two degrees. Anyway, that gives you a sense of the spring fever around here. And when it comes to the wardrobe, it manifests as an “I hate everything in my closet” mentality. Lately I’ve been getting dressed in essentially the same jeans/sweater combo every day, and it just.feels.tired. Big yawn. But don't drop everything – creative layering, fun shapes and pattern mixing (of what's already in your closet) will perk you right up. A flirty skirt is an InStyle spring must-have, this boxy blouse has the feel of a trendy crop top while keeping skin covered, and complementary shades of purple (or any color) in interesting textures add the dimension a flat, uninspired routine needs. I’m sure one day I’ll look back at my style and laugh – like my mom when reminded of the pink tasseled "boudoir shoes" she wore around Boston – but for today, this is the ticket.

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