Monday, March 24, 2014

easy does it

My shopping cycles go in waves. I'll be really thrifty for months, then just crack. This weekend I cracked. I cleaned out my makeup drawer and nail polish collection (and restocked with new spring glosses and pastel lacquers), picked out a replacement for my living room throw, and treated myself to a new necklace and earrings. All of the areas I updated had been torturing me for a long time (so it wasn't completely rash), my tax return supplied some extra cushion (guilt: gone), and I think living with the details you love makes a difference (sold). Let's talk about the jewelry. My earring assortment needs SO MUCH TLC. I wear only two pairs consistently. I have a decent necklace stash, but it's largely statement pieces—a style I'm not as into lately. I prefer delicate gold chains that add just a touch of shine and work with any outfit (see—versatility—that's economical). Spurred by a 20% off promo that expired Sunday, I scooped up Michael Kors pave hoops and matching pendant. And I feel pretty good about it. Here are a few more delicacies on my birthday wish list: mini pendant, plaque necklace, square leverbacks, cube studs, and a dreamworld baguette & diamond ring. As tempting as it is to cut corners with bargains, what I regret more is having to buy the same stuff year after year. Ready for some keepers. Now back to the basketball..

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