Tuesday, March 4, 2014

fat tuesday

Happy March!—and Fat Tuesday. It’s been cold and snowy forever, but flipping the calendar to 03 still felt a little surprising (in the best way). Progress. And today’s Mardi Gras festivity helps kick winter misery a little further to the curb. I’m not ready to shop shorts quite yet, but am turning an eye towards spring with new sunglasses. Like lipstick or fresh highlights, new shades are a one-step way to feel shiny and new. I just bought these squared frames (Questlove looks great in them, too) and classic Clubmasters (fresh in gunmetal) are next on my list. If you want color, go red. And if we’re interpreting the “fat” in Fat Tuesday to mean self-indulgent, also help yourself to Chelsea Handler’s new book (out today) and tickets to the tour (starts tomorrow!).

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