Friday, March 14, 2014

take it to go: serving 3

Another week under our belts and all I've put out is this post (shame face), but sometimes you're on, sometimes you're off. To catch you up: Phoenix was fantastic. Cerulean skies. Palm trees. Late nights and poolside bonfires. A twilight picnic in the park. A charming desert chapel. Fried artichoke hearts and coconut shrimp. Dancing. Fireball. More Fireball. I didn't walk back into my apartment until 2:15 Monday morning, but a few extra hours in the sun was worth it. And thanks to a new work schedule, I'm getting home earlier in the evenings and feel like I actually have a life outside of the eight to five again—happy. This weekend I'll be watching the Big Ten Tourney and filling out my March Madness bracket, seeing a couple apartments (yep, moving again!), and probably tossing back a Guinness or two in pre-St. Patty's Day fashion. Hope you have some fun things planned and enjoy this week's doggie bag!

SNACK SMART. The creator of the cronut is back with a new invention: the cookie shot (on sale today!). Every detail is engineered to after-school snack perfection—I'm obsessed with the scientific detail Dominique Ansel applies to something so simple.

PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS. This guide breaks down fashion's latest infatuation (#normcore) into something easily digestible. Even if you're not trying to emulate the iterations (I'm not about to buy Mom jeans, but am on board with retro windbreakers, Coke crewnecks and Patagonia pullovers), it's an entertaining and informative read.

TABLE IT. I've inherited my mom's appreciation for meals al fresco, and in celebration of this week's 55-degree Monday (so so uplifting), here are five drool-worthy wine-and-dine settings to get you pumped for patio weather. Bobby Flay's is my fave. 

ENDLESS SUMMER. This 1964 movie poster—"created at a kitchen table for quick cash"—has traveled from caves in Vietnam to selling tables at Target, Gap and Nordstrom, so much a part of the cultural landscape even fifty years later that it almost blends in. This piece illustrates why.

MAGIC CARPET RIDE. If you haven't Uber-ed yet, here's a quick catch-up on the company that's challenging the yellow cab with speed and sex appeal. And if you're a vet, enjoy the voyeuristic confessions of one temporary driver. 

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