Friday, March 21, 2014

take it to go: serving 4

I've spent twenty-five winters in Minnesota, Iowa, the U.P., but for some reason this Wisconsin one was the toughest. So it's more than a little exciting that spring is here! Madison is starting to feel like a completely different place than it has for the past few months. That shift is perhaps partly to blame for my feeling conflicted about a lot of things right now—and it's scary to consider the impact one small decision could have on EVERYTHING (a crystal ball would be great, please!). But it's Friday and the tough stuff can wait. All I'll be deciding in the next few days is where to get two-dollar taps on this mild afternoon, which pair of pewter heels to buy for my friend's summer wedding, and whether to order the crab and avocado sandwich or s'mores French toast at Saturday brunch. Have a great weekend!

BUNNY TO BOARDROOM: This slideshow of Playboy Bunnies "then and now" is a heartening look at the transformative power of time—women who served men Manhattans in leotards and bouncy cottontails are now authors, producers and VPs.

GET ME A GLUE STICK: Not having a framed business card collection is causing me anxiety. It's such an artful, sentimental, personal way to immortalize the Salzburg bar where you celebrated your twenty-first, the cheapo deli that propelled you through law school, the place with the really GREAT guacamole.

FUNNY BONE: A sense of humor is key—in relationships AND digital media supremacy, apparently. The journalism major in me is a little envious (and a lot impressed) by Amy Odell's resume. Here the Editor spills tips on getting to the top.

SWEET SIP: Lemon is my favorite flavor (send the yellow Starbursts this way) and this homemade limoncello is one DIY I can actually handle. Love the idea of brewing a few bottles to have on hand for birthdays and host gifts.

PERSPECTIVE: I'm obsessed with Midwest Supply Co's tumblr. When big fluffy flakes fell Wednesday morning, these romanticized heartland images reminded me why I live here. "Great Lakes, Great Times."

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