Friday, March 28, 2014

take it to go: serving 5

March felt like a fast month, but I'm not sad to see it go. The weather these past few days was gray, cloudy, cold—and kind of depressing. On to April. I'm looking forward to my birthday, the one-year mark of moving to Madison (feels good to have that milestone under my belt—personally and professionally), and Easter in Minnesota. This week I finally nailed down a date for my little sister to visit, rediscovered the deliciousness of Cracked Pepper Triscuits, and updated with a handful of pretty home improvements. AND Wisconsin beat Baylor last night so my NCAA bracket is still going strong! Before you disconnect for Saturday-Sunday R&R, here's your weekly to-go bag. #TGIF

KETCHUP IS KING: Eating good food and trying new restaurants (ideally in combination) are the BEST—but major money-suckers. This easy aioli makes for a restaurant-style sandwich right at home.

BLUSHING BOYS: Guys: if you're on the fence, here's the go-ahead to pick up that pink Oxford. Options: one, two, three.

WILLY WONKA: The apartment is due for a deep clean and I could use some spiffing up, too. A soak in this deliciously restorative cocoa bath blend is the Rx. 

ADD IT TO THE OXFORD-ENGLISH. You know it as a descriptor for your special marinara, but now it has a new meaning. Keep up with the cool kids and learn how to use the latest lingo in conversation here.

IT'S ME, MARGARET: I was a BIG (huge) reader when I was younger—and Judy Blumes were often the paperbacks piled on my bed (this and this were faves). It's nice to know the words I was devouring still stand.

images: one. two. three. four. five.

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