Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april mood board

To usher in April (woo!), I've compiled a shoppable mood board, pinned with what's on my radar as we get into the swing of spring. 1. The color pink and feminine details have never been so appealing to me. My wish list is littered with super-soft, girly goods. 2. I'm not the type to strut down State Street in a birthday crown, but everyone deserves a celebration once a year. Here's to 26 (and savoring it)! 3. It's easy to slip into a passive routine, so I'm consciously committing to new goals and an all-around proactive approach. 4. This year, I've been mentally everywhere. But hitting that one-year anniversary in a new city feels good. Time to pause and center some of my impulsivity.

Shop the board!
1. FLORAL BUN HEAD: SJP's caramel highlights for a natural update + blush sandals, the perfect casual-dressy combo.
2. BIRTHDAY DONUT TOWER: A sleeveless sweater that's as creamy as vanilla frosting + a box of marshmallow Sprinkes cupcakes
3. HARD WORK & HUSTLE: A quality camera for better blog (and personal!) photos + business cards to position myself for new opportunities.
4. CLEANSING RAIN SHOWERS: A refreshing ginger mint julep to sip on all spring + a cute pullover for mind-and-body-restoring barre workouts (get the DVD if there isn't a studio near you!).

What do you have planned for April?

images: one. two. three. four.


  1. Love your moldboard idea! Excited to see what's in store for April!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. Kendall, were you working out at the Hilldale Pure Barre?! I was doing it there for months last fall/winter but now I'm thinking about getting the DVD because I miss it so much! Also, love mood boards, I'm working on one right now!

  3. Shannon-- I haven't because it's expensive, but I want to so bad!! Yay can't wait to see it :)