Tuesday, April 29, 2014

downtown and down the aisle

Drinks downtown last Friday night presented an awkward wardrobe situation. It was mild and mostly sunny (college kids up and down my street were posted up on porches), but as the sun set it would quickly get cooler. I was torn between wearing ankle boots and wedge sandals, decided on the boots (you never want to be the girl busting out flip-flops and short-shorts before it's time), and ultimately was a little too warm on the seven o'clock walk to the square—there may have been a hint of perspiration happening. Spring is a tricky season to dress for, and my failure to get it right necessitated the plotting of a more strategic, premeditated look for those 55-60° days that turn into 45-50° nights. A fresh white blazer (how great are those puffed sleeves?) protects from chills en route to your wine-and-dine destination while allowing flexibility (just drape over your shoulders once inside). I stick to skinny, classic denim, but a lighter wash and cropped length is a fresh update for warmer weather. A simple tank is easy to layer and delivers a cool-girl casual vibe when worn alone. And fancy flats are should be my go-to shoe this time of year—they let your ankles breathe, but keep toes covered. Ready to seal the deal? None of these pieces will look (too) out of place if plans to try a swanky lounge change to a chill dive. The white blazer is a key component in this outfit and it's a trendy color for spring, but it will also always be bridal. As wedding season ramps up, get in the I-do spirit with this big-white-dress slideshow. Please note Hilary Duff's larger-than-life bun. File that under GLAM, exclamation point.

GET THE LOOK: JCREW blazer. JCREW jeans. Jasper & Jeera shoes. Enza Costa tank.

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