Wednesday, April 23, 2014

know your knots

Today is a top knot day. I got back to Madison late Sunday evening after a long weekend at my parents' house and have been on autopilot since. Monday and Tuesday whizzed by (marathon Holiday meetings at work, upcoming product launches and approaching deadlines will have that effect) and this morning was a dirty hair, throw-it-up-and-go, whoa-it's-Wednesday? frenzy. It's okay though, 'cause knots are in. The knotted embellishments popping up on skirts are sporty and chic, and just the right hit of textural interest. They remind me of a sweet, gingham blouse-wearing schoolgirl and a tough, wrench-toting Rosie the Riveter at the same time. I love the way Shopbop styled the James Perse. The pencil shape and knee length are traditionally for closing deals and signing clients, but they create fun contrast and a trend-right sportswear look with sneakers and a tee. More ways to wear it: a mini makes the twisted detail more of a focus, Julia's cinched sweatshirt look (not really a knotted skirt, but same idea!) is basically my ideal outfit, and a draped midi ups the drama. Are you into it? Think it over during your afternoon snack. The New Potato (just discovered this site and LOVE it) rounded up an inspiring list of 4 PM pick-me-ups you need to work into your routine. Coconut chunks and wasabi crackers are definitely going in my lunch box next week!

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