Monday, April 14, 2014

pour me some more v. 1

I half expect to see Pete Campbell come swinging around the corner any second. I watched so much Mad Men this weekend that it kind of feels like 1965. Except there's a diet Coke at my desk SANS Bacardi, so I guess I'm right where I should be. Regardless, the show is basically running my life right now, so I thought I'd share a few other things that have me equally enamored.

MAD MEN (you didn't think I was done, did you?). I don't know why it took me so long to start watching the AMC hit, but I'm obsessed. It might be my favorite show of all time: the glimpse into history (from makeup to politics), the music, the relationships, the editing, the characters, the story, the subtle comedy. I'm scrambling to catch up to season 7 and am living in fear of spoilers until I do (start here or get seasons 1-6 on Netflix).

ICED LATTES. A couple weekends ago at Madison Sourdough, I washed down a Cuban sandwich (the best bread!) with an iced chai. It's an obvious choice, but I always forget to order my favorite hot drinks on the rocks. I want to start every summer morning with a cold Venti (caramel-y) something. I'm up for trying this.

BARBOUR JACKET. In the Midwest, we collect coats. Given the range of weather, there are endless weights and fabrics to keep stocked in the closet (or maybe that's just me). I started looking for a quilted jacket last fall, but couldn't find a style and color I liked. Good things come to those who wait 'cause I found this pretty vintage-inspired one just a few weeks ago and love it: the perfect midpoint between a cotton anorak and your lightest peacoat. 

SARA BAREILLES & SAM SMITH. I try not to download too many iTunes, but sometimes you need to hear what you want, when you want. If you pass me on the road, you'll probably have to hit the brakes and hang back 'cause "I Choose You" (the happy beat and sweet story) and "Stay With Me" (his VOICE. Can he sing me to sleep?) will be blasting at above-normal volume.

What's filling your cup these days?

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