Friday, April 4, 2014

take it to go: serving 6

I was ready for this weekend before Monday even arrived—so happy it's finally here; my sister comes to Madison tonight! I can't explain the rage she would ignite inside me when I'd find my (rumpled) clothes in her drawers or discover she'd used my makeup (bought with MY money, not Mom's!), but I'm glad we've remained friends through the drama. I have so many great places (read: restaurants + bars) to take her. Is it five o'clock yet?! Catch ya next week!

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Guarantee yourself a few good mail days a month by subscribing to some new glossies. Can't wait to pick up Hole & Corner and peek inside Porter!

KEEP ON TRUCKIN': I wasn't a weekly HIMYM-watcher, but am going to miss the show. It was relatable in its portrayal of twentysomethings, and the fact that the finale earned more viewers than the pilot reflects one of the show's themes: some of the best things take time.

JUST DO IT: A great brand is accessible but aspirational, universal but personal. These pics are proof Nike's got it down pat.

THANKS BUT NO THANKS: This honest advice not to do things that are painful, uncomfortable and/or stressful just because it seems "right" or polite is a relief.  Save the drama for your mama.

RAIN DANCE: Everyone knows stormy skies call for boots and an umbrella, but an acrylic clutch and waterproof tote are less obvious (and just as practical) accessories that make me actually excited to see clouds roll in. Don't miss the complete rainy-day checklist.

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