Friday, May 16, 2014

bikinis and burritos

Next weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer and everyone's breaking out the boats (it's also the start of summer hours at the office and I am p-u-m-p-e-d for extended weekends for the next three months!). It's only right to spend Memorial Day on the water, so solidify those plans and pack the beach bag. I've got the SPF, The Goldfinch, the sunglasses—the Lime-a-ritas—but still need to find the suit. Maillots and retro styles are kicking itsy-bitsy bikinis to the curb this season, and I'm tempted to try a peekaboo one-piece, but a sporty scuba-inspired look is more "me." I'm loving the athletic but flirty personality of these cropped halter tops for an update on the traditional triangle—and they score bonus points for not flying off when you jump in the lake or wipe out behind the MasterCraft. If your Kindle's collecting dust and US Weekly's the only "book" in your beach bag, Chipotle's checking you. The carnitas and fajitas your mouth waters for are now coming with a side of lit. Starting this week, the chain's paper cups and brown bags will feature stories and essays from the likes of Toni Morrison and Malcolm Gladwell. In an occupation where I'm constantly told to cut and condense, copy ignored and art celebrated, it's satisfying that even a fast food joint is using the written word to distinguish its brand. Have a great weekend—and get yourself a burrito!

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