Thursday, May 8, 2014

breck and brows

Whew. I've been pretty tired lately and reducing my diet Coke intake isn't helping. At work, Men's Fall Preview, Home Fall and summer sale deadlines are all colliding, and on the home front, I moved to a new apartment last week. It's a nicer building (yay wood floors and black appliances!), in a new neighborhood (less collegiate, still young)—and it feels like a whole new start. With that transition out of the way, I feel capable of thinking into the future again and planning my summer. A few small trips are in the works, but the biggest will be Breckenridge for my oldest friend's wedding. I've had the hardest time committing to the bridesmaid activities (mani or pedi or both? Salon makeup or self-application?)—monumental choices, I know—but I pushed through (wink) and the appointments are booked. I haven't had my hair done professionally more than once or twice, but familiarity with the crushing mood an inadequate 'do can cause inspired me to get pinning—and be armed with a distinct direction. Lauren is pretty relaxed and just asked we wear our hair up and away from the face. I always get by on just a blow dry (side braid on dirty days), so it'll be fun to try something a bit more polished—I'm thinking a wispy knot, sleek pony or chunky braid. If the stylist fails to deliver despite visual aids? There's no better distraction than Cara Delevingne brows. Get to it.

images clockwise from top left: one. two. three. four. five. six


  1. I love those hairstyles! Wedding hair is so gorgeous, and I can't wait to spiff mine up for the few I have left this year.

  2. It can look so good or artificial and awkward—shooting for the former!