Friday, July 11, 2014

discovery: mouth

Gather 'round, gather 'round! I just made the most exciting discovery that is my new FIRST STOP shop for gifts and occasions of all shapes and sizes (confession: I'm actually a little hesitant to post this because I kind of want to keep it my own little surprise-and-delight weapon, but .... sharing is caring). Mouth packages indie food products into themed bundles that are so finger-licking cute you'll create full-blown celebrations out of barely-there whispers just for an excuse to buy one. Order one-time deliveries or monthly subscriptions for your bridesmaids, gracious hostess, new crush or sweet-tooth grandpa. My parents dream in pate and dried peppercorns so (spoiler alert Mom!) one of these artisan samplers will be perfect for their anniversary next month. Maybe the Hot Stuff Taster (they'll love the spicy Bloody Mary mix) or my own handpicked curation of cheese and crackers for a weekend at the lake. I could happily spend all day and night browsing Mouth's seemingly endless supply of painfully (in a hurts-so-good way) creative assortments and reading the deliciously smart & descriptive copy—while I nibble whiskey sour pickles and sip an aperitif (courtesy of the "happy hour in a bag"), of course. The smartly-designed site even features a feed showing trending products and a location-based log of who viewed and bought what. Talk about addictive. Are you salivating yet? Have an amazing weekend! Find something to celebrate (inspiration below).

because dorm food is a little depressing: #Classof2014

because it's summer and you shall eat ice cream for dinner: Vegan Caramel Sauce

for all the headaches—happy father's day: Bourbon of the Month

for landing a new job (or being awesome at the current one): Bring Home the Bacon

support the early morning marathon training: Guatemalan Coffee

for the breakup: French Toast Chocolate Bar

all images via Mouth

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