Thursday, July 24, 2014

editor's eye: fall fashion ads

Looking at the ads has always been one of my favorite parts of magazine flipping. First I collaged cut-out scraps for elementary school notebooks, then framed editorials for "artsy" wall decor in college. Today, designer campaigns are still a source of inspiration, even if I'm not taking a gluestick and scissors to the glossy pages. Elle compiled a swoon-worthy assortment of this fall's fashion marketing photography, and I filtered out my favorites. Here they are, through my lens.

First thought: I hope it storms soon.
Mood: Young, beautiful and ambitious.  
Story: The city's a gray place but this coat will keep you warm—and high above the soot.  
Phillip Lim.

First thought: I will eat haggis if I have to, just take me to Scotland.  
Mood: Approachable and traditional, with hidden secrets.   
Story: Tartan is a lifestyle and it has a sexy side.  

First thought: Fall doesn't have to be dark and brooding.  
Mood: Balanced, diverse and driven.  
Story: Transcendent of time and place. 

First thought: Pistachio gelato.  
Mood: Soft, luxe and discerning.  
Story: Dress like a lady, think like a man.  

First thought: I need to buy a long trench and book a road trip.  
Mood: Easy and free, pretty masculinity.
Story: Crossing the frontier. Are you coming with? 
Cole Haan.

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