Wednesday, July 9, 2014

his style 2

I'm really into men's style. I don't claim to have an extensive knowledge of designers and fashion history, but do appreciate a well-dressed gent. Maybe it's because of my job—or maybe I enjoy my job because of the interest—chicken or egg situation here. Either way, I like a man that has a little sartorial sensibility. If he doesn't, no biggie. But it gives a guy an extra cool factor if he knows Chambray from Oxford, spreads from straights. Justin of Scout Sixteen fits the profile. I like his blog not only for his on-trend ensembles, but his on-point writing. There's substance, and his word choice shows smartness, like when deftly using 'anchor' as a verb in a post about nautical style. And that takes me from casually scrolling through pictures during downtime to becoming an invested return reader. I rounded up some recent Scout snaps as inspiration for looks (for you or your man!) to wear now and as summer transitions into fall. Which is your favorite?

A tailored fit + modern stripes make a short sleeve buttondown instantly cooler than the
billowy version your dad wears. But the classic silhouette remains, giving the look a nerdy-ness that
actually ups the trendiness. A baseball hat keeps it young and adds athletic appeal.

Sweats with a banded cuff give the traditionally sloppy style a more refined look—
so you can wear them to lunch and be as comfortable as when lounging.
The beanie gets a bad rap, but I like its relaxed, artistic attitude.

A plain oxford shirt is a staple. So versatile. But colorful embroidery makes it
more special and shows personality. You can wear this version with all the same things
you would an ordinary oxford; it just makes a stronger statement.

Casual. Timeless. Fresh. Perfection. The classic simplicity of the open cardigan
is balanced (and modernized) by sockless loafers and a v-neck tee.

Suspenders. Find a way to work them into your wardrobe immediately.
Something about the old-school businessman vibe is distinctly attractive.

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