Friday, August 1, 2014

giving in: birkenstocks

Wednesday afternoon I took a twenty-mile road trip to Spring Green to peek in on our Home winter/holiday catalog shoot. I'd never been to the small town and almost went off the road more than a few times peering at the Frank Lloyd Wright-style homes tucked into hillsides and vine-covered Norman Rockwell farmhouses half-hidden in shallow valleys. It was a bright, warm, quiet day and getting away from my desk for a few hours was a welcome break in the week. (As a writer, it's hard to maintain a consistent creative drive when faced with sometimes-uninterrupted days of line drawings and product dims. Seeing actual samples and some camera action is crucial to keeping me engaged and remembering there's a human connection at the heart of the work.) The shoot was to-die—stay tuned!—but I found myself watching one of the prop assistants (who stood in as a slipper model) almost as much as the sparkly set. She was the kind of person who wears clothes in a very salient way—with a style that conveys a clear personality. And that she was clearly unencumbered by any kind of corporate dress code or motivation to make a certain impression was part of the allure. While I only saw her for a few hours, I got the strong sense that she sticks pretty close to that uniform every day. What she wore wasn't groundbreaking—black tank, black denim, black Birks, black hat—in fact, it seemed quite cliche for an aspiring photographer/stylist, but it was her attitude. I don't think anything I wear ever gives off that kind of attitude. The floppy hat is too much for me and I'm set on jeans and tanks, but Birkenstocks are suddenly conspicuously missing from my closet. A maligned symbol of Normcore, the wide double-strap Arizona sandals are such an obvious trend (and MUCH blogged about), but their effortless ability to pair with trousers, skirts, joggers and jeans alike makes me think I might give in. That assistant really sold me. Shop the rainbow here.

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