Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the shorts suit

Until this week, I kind of had a block against wearing shorts to work. Something about showing leg and advancing career didn't seem to jive. And, in an ice box of an office, what's the point, right? But sometimes, jeans and a blouse are just too boring. Such was my mood on Monday. I only have a few pairs of shorts with the clean tailoring and inseam to cut it at Corporate, so I worked my way from the bottom up. I pulled out classic cobalt Chinos, threw on a simple white tee and finished with a navy schoolboy blazer. I love this combination's ability to be two things at once: smart (hello, blazer) and breezy (thank you, shorts). Shorts suits have been pretty popular this season, and my spur-of-the-moment ensemble is a way to get the look without investing in new pieces. If you're still reluctant to hit the cubicle in cut-offs, try doing a "shorts suit" (loosely interpreted since you don't have to be truly matchy matchy) for brunch this weekend or cocktails at a swankier bar. Love and love.

a little more polished

a little more casual


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