Tuesday, September 30, 2014

blueprint juice cleanse

By coincidence, I got a massage (perfect timing for a sore leg muscle), haircut (emergency, as always) and facial (learned my skin needs more Vitamin C) all in the course of a week. The health & beauty trifecta made me feel fresh and recharged on the outside, so it only seemed right to let my inside in on the action, too. I'd wanted to try a juice cleanse for a while, but didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars or commit to an entire week of liquid nourishment. I spotted these trendy little juices on blogger Grace Atwood's Instagram (the power of packaging!), searched her site for a testimonial (found here), then looked into BluePrint™ myself. Because I could choose the length of my cleanse (one day to get just a taste and keep cost down) and level (beginner!)—and because I'm in a no-time-like-now mood lately—I decided to drink up. I scheduled delivery so I could consume the juices on Monday (despite having more time for working out on weekends, I always seem to go to sleep Sunday feeling off track and in desperate need of detox). Today's Tuesday, and I'm happy to report a positive experience. I don't feel like a new person, but I wasn't expecting that after just one day of juice. I do feel clean and extra-inspired to stay the healthy course (at least until the weekend!). A play-by-play of the six steps:

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6 AM: Woke up with hot water and lemon. 
I love the purifying feeling of this most-basic beverage— 
it always makes coffee seem like muddy sludge in comparison.
Pledging to swap Folgers for citrus water
whenever I don't need  the extra kick of an Americano.

8:30 AM: Arrived at work and promptly poured
a hot peppermint-spearmint tea.

10 AM: First juice of the day: Green Juice. 
Not painful, but also not pleasant. It was hard to swallow normally
after eyeing the seaweed-y swirls of romaine, spinach and kale.
I got halfway through the bottle in an hour and left it at that.

12 PM: Time for juice #2, Pinapple/Apple/Mint. 
Delicious. I could drink this all day.

1 PM: Another peppermint-spearmint tea.

2 PM: Second Green Juice. 
I was tempted to skip it and have another tea because I wasn't
fighting any hunger, but figured I should get some of the nutrients
lurking in that dark green stew (ha). (Slowly) drank a little
over three-fourths of the bottle this time—pat on the back.

4 PM: Time for juice #4 already—Spicy Lemonade
which goes down easily. I feel like the day is flying.

6:15 PM: Got home from work and cracked open juice #5, 
Beet/Carrot concoction. This was the toughest part
of the twenty-four hours since it's normally when I have a handful
of sweet trail mix or spicy peanuts after a day resisting snacking. 
I was tempted more by habit than actual hunger.

7:30 PM: Started in on the Cashew Milk
while watching The Voice (are the judges not hilarious this season?). 
I was skeptical of the creamy white liquid, but the cinnamon
and vanilla made it a sweet treat. I went to bed satisfied.

This one-day Renovation Cleanse was pretty easy to do without any prep (no headaches, no fatigue, really no hunger), and now looking at the descriptions of Renovation versus Foundation, I realize the Foundation Cleanse is a better match for me based on my eating habits. I'll try this level next time, and maybe for—gasp—two days?! Perfect way to start October! Until then, I'll "maintain" with a Tasting Flight. Dying to try a Coffee Cashew!

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