Friday, September 26, 2014

eva chen + OPI nordic collection

I live for the daily Eva Chen pose. Kidding. But I do enjoy sneaking a peek at what shoes, purse and piece of fruit the Lucky EIC is flaunting in transit from designer appointment to star-studded event. The Instagram series yields familiarity mixed with anticipation, and it's a brilliant little concept that (I think) is strengthening the Lucky brand—I never buy that magazine, but 34 year-old Eva, the youngest to steer a major fashion magazine, is the only fashion editor I follow on Instagram (while I subscribe to several other titles). The building feeling of kinship with the woman at the top of the masthead has at least restored Lucky's place on my radar. And it stands to reason that if I like what she puts in her Instagrams, I'll like what she puts in the magazine. Whether or not I'm swayed by all of her sartorial choices (I will never do the "clompy" loafers she has a current affinity for), Eva's established herself as a certified style star—and has the added edge of being inside the industry. That credibility combined with her endearing confusion over the latest lingo, adorably expanding baby bump and gelato-fueled journey through fashion week keeps me coming back, and hungrily (there is a LOT of gelato) absorbing everything. She recently 'grammed a gorgeous army green nail lacquer that made me double-tap with rocket speed—and start brainstorming what shades to add to my own collection for fall. I quickly found OPI's Nordic Collection hits all the high points of this colorful time of year. A sampling:

OPI images via; donuts via; wine via
The spot in your collection: The Neutral. 
The color: Apple cider donuts. 
The look: Every season needs a go-to day shade that doesn't scream for attention. 
On fair skin, this is slightly darker than nude for a natural, 
easy-to-maintain look and Parisian-chic sophistication. 

The spot in your collection: The Pop. 
The color: A bright mix of damp leaves. 
The look: Some zing is necessary as the weather starts to cool, but pinks
feel too beach-and-boat for me. This blue-violet will light up against dark clothing,
chunky knits and luxe leather in an energizing but complementary way. 

The spot in your collection: The Date. 
The color: Plump cranberries and mulled wine. 
The look: There's something inherently seductive about red that will 
set the tone for a spicy night. This is brighter and juicier than a dull bordeaux, 
with a warm rosiness that will make you want to cuddle under the covers. 

What colors are you swiping on this season?
Favorite Eva Chen pose to date? 

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