Monday, September 15, 2014

transitional looks

Happy Monday! I'm starting it off by forking over forty-five dollars to the city of Madison. There was a big block party near my apartment this weekend, which made finding street parking tricky. Saturday night I pulled into a space at a seemingly-safe open corner, only to learn from the white slip on my windshield the next morning that yellow-painted curbs are code for "off limits." This is probably a super basic rule of the road, but I've never noticed the color of curbs before (woops). Lesson learned! Sneaky pop-up expenses like this are the reason I haven't started fall shopping yet. But I have been looking. Here are a few transitional pieces I'd like to purchase in lieu of paying for parking violations. What are you stocking up on as the seasons change (and what "obvious" traffic law have you overlooked)?

1. Long Sweater + Mules
The extra yardage on this ribbed sweater is reminiscent of your summer tunics
(in cozier form) while doing the job of a jacket, and the split hem makes it more
interesting than a basic pullover. Wear it with mules before sock season swallows us up! 
2. Overalls
Overalls were everywhere this summer—if you haven't snapped on a pair, 
the time is now. A dark wash will transition the look to fall, and a cashmere
tee or fitted turtleneck underneath warms up and elevates the look.
via The LoDown

3. Chunky Crew
Looks and feels like your college tailgating sweatshirt—
but won't lose its luster when you lose the PBR come Monday morning. 
If I had one of these for every day of the week, I wouldn't mind the monotony.

4. Embellished Jacket
So much more fun than a stuffy blazer, without sacrificing the chic structure.
The weight of the texture and detail balance out shorts
while it's still balmy enough for bare legs.

5. Flare Jeans
It's hard for me to stray from skinnies, but this '70s/Rachel Zoe 
look is fresh and flattering. With heeled boots, high waist flares will 
elongate legs like no other. So cute with a muscle tee before it's too chilly! 

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