Wednesday, October 8, 2014

color crush 1

Halfway through the week, guys! And tomorrow my bank account get its bi-weekly boost—two things to be happy about this Wednesday. In addition to counting down to 5 P.M. Friday and pay day (wink), I'm always looking for fresh color combinations to revive what's already in my closet. And I'll admit I have a thing for pretty pairings; my color/pattern/texture Pinterest board is by far my favorite. Sky blue and bordeaux is a match-up I love for fall. It has a rich, moody attitude while still being colorful and light—and more interesting than head-to-toe black. Wear an airy blue as your main color and work bordeaux in through accessories. I've been wanting this scarf forever, NARS lipstick in Sheer Mulberry is super sexy, and those boots (!) only look expensive. Gray jeans are a great complement to these colors, however you style them. And a glass of red? That's a welcome addition no matter what I'm wearing.

1 | Sweater 
3 | Tempranillo (available at Trader Joe's!)
4 | Scarf 
5 | Boots
6 | Satchel

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