Monday, October 27, 2014

drybar detox dry shampoo

I have an interesting hair history. In middle school, my relationship with a blow dryer and round brush was relatively new, and I took styling very seriously. As my fifth and sixth grade yearbook pictures prove, I was dedicated to creating perfectly turned-under ends. In high school, I (somewhat surprisingly) cared less. I was more secure, I suppose, and not as willing to wake up early to perform the full wash-dry-style maintenance—my younger sister can vouch. I was late to homeroom basically every day trying to sneak in more Zzzs, and because Alex and I shared a car, she was my tortured victim, always waiting anxiously in the kitchen until I raced down the stairs and we screeched through southwest Rochester to snag literally the last spot in the Lourdes parking lot. I got a lot of eye rolls from my sisters for the disproportionate number of strands I contributed to our shared bathroom floor, and the clogged shower drain was always my fault. But I was voted Best Hair in senior superlatives, so I guess I was doing something right. These days I still prefer to sleep instead of style, but I'm also aware of the benefits of less frequent washing. At the same time, I'm not going to roll to work with crazy, greasy bedhead, because, you know, trying to be a professional and climb the ladder. I was in a pretty regular pattern of washing every other day until I found a product that really extends my blowout. Last week, I shampooed on Monday and didn't again until Saturday. A few sprays of drybar's Detox dry shampoo at my roots and nape of my neck on Thursday and Friday helped keep my hair fresh and full all week. It effectively erased any oily areas, seriously bumped up the volume AND left a pleasant scent I'm kind of obsessed with. I think my hair looked best on Thursday, but it was still clean enough to wear down every day that week—including out to Genna's Friday night. Now I'm thirsty for more. Even if the products weren't great, the creative way they're named after boozy beverages in alignment with the cocktail concept would get me. Shop the tools I currently use (and keep hitting snooze!) and the drybar "drinks" I'm dying to try below!

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