Tuesday, October 28, 2014

look of the week 2

My grandpa's pretty cool. Sunk a hole-in-one in his eighties. Let me cruise around the backyard on his riding mower just for kicks. Captained countless boat rides with a constant smile, uses weird words like "crumps," made me co-accountant in recording the daily car wash profit. Even more than those things, I admire the adoring relationship he still, at 94, has with my grandma (75th anniversary is around the corner! Get ready Willard Scott!), and the underlying selflessness that has defined his whole life. He gave up studies (and who knows how many other opportunities) at the University of Michigan to serve as a bombardier in World War II. When the war ended, he followed a different path, and though it was a much more modest one than an M.D. might have carved out, never looked back. He was, and is, content to live in the same small town where he was born and when reflecting on almost-a-century-long life, his service—in addition to his family—is what makes him proudest. Veterans Day is in two weeks. Observe the federal holiday with fashionable respect this year in a style inspired by the flight jackets worn by the pilots and bombardiers who defended our freedom throughout history. Bombers blend sporty comfort with masculine, utilitarian style in a don't-mess-with-me way. A mini skirt, sculptural jewelry and cherrywood lips soften up the look and ensure you're not surrendering all femininity. And in a season when outerwear is as important as the clothes underneath, a bomber jacket adds essential, of-the-moment variety. If none of that makes you feel airborne in the best sense, get one in salute of our serviceman—consider it a patriotic high-five.

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