Monday, October 6, 2014

october short list

Senior year of college I took a class called Publication Design—six to nine on Wednesday nights. Woof. I vaguely remember learning about clipping paths and layers, but mostly recall how difficult it was getting graphics to behave as desired. And sometimes, new skills don't really sink in unless I have an applicable use for them. Well, four years later, I have a pressing need for the quick commands that made my head spin on the Adler journalism building's third floor. I've been really eager to brush up on basic Photoshop techniques for a while so I can create more compelling visuals here; it pains me to have ideas that I can't bring to life! I finally bit the bullet and took the iheartblogshop online workshop over the weekend, a tutorial tailored for bloggers. I hope to apply the skills to a career some day soon, which made the splurge feel justified. So—feast your eyes on my first project (I know it's not perfect!): a series spotlighting the goods I won't get through the month without making mine. October is off to a running start—lots of fun dinners, tailgating and traveling in the next few weeks—which is just the way I like it. The short list ensures you don't miss any must-haves, must-sees or must-reads while out for dim sum or setting up the Bloody Mary bar before kickoff. So get out there. Wake up before dawn, mix a spicy batch and get wild with garnishes. I've got the shopping covered. 

Eric Hutchinson is performing in Madison next month for only twenty bucks a ticket. 
I'm newly obsessed with his music and listen to "Tell the World" and "Breakdown More"
during every morning (OK, and evening) commute. I'm currently debating whether to see him live
or go to Iowa City for the Hawkeye/Badger football game the same weekend.
Tough call, right? Help me decide! 

Banana Republic is promoting a new look and I am a fan—it's refreshing to have an 
alternative to J.Crew. The Anetta Booties are reeling me in hard and fast. I normally love a 
stacked heel and the versatility of Chelsea boots, but need something sassier in the mix. 
The quilted texture gives these character, a pointy toe and stiletto make them dressier for nights 
out, and the modest heel means I could still wear 'em comfortably at work. 

I wear a few rings daily, but am itching to stack on several more. 
I like this one's mix of simplicity and sculptural interest, 
and the midi size gives your ring game depth. 

I feel like I have a lot of expenses these days (anyone with me?), so I'm keeping clothes 
buying to a minimum this year. It's OK, though, because wearing jeans and a plain white tee
to work recently reminded me that a minimalistic look is my jam anyway. 
I'd rather shell out big money for killer shoes and accessories. Given my new M.O., I do need 
to restock on the basics, starting with white, black and gray tees. Can never have enough of these.

Anthropologie candles get me through the year, but sweater weather requires
a special scent. My mom discovered Rosy Rings in a small shop in our hometown,
and they've become a favorite among my sisters and me. Not only is the fragrance great, 
the wax-encased botanicals glow softly as the candle burns, and the substantial size 
of the pillar makes an impressive statement. 

After a facialist recommended adding Vitamin C to my nightly cleansing routine 
to calm redness, this article led me to a budget-friendly CC cream
perfect for my "problem." The vitamin- and mineral-rich formula corrects
uneven tone, improves luminosity and reduces the appearance of fine lines 
while providing natural-looking coverage and SPF. Plus—cute packaging.

Chewy, nutty, sweet—and "fashionably wholesome." I tried Karlie's Kookies 
a few weeks ago, and they tasted better and better and better
as I made my way through the tin. And because the recipe substitutes 
traditional ingredients for almond flour, gluten-free oats and agave, 
they make being a cookie monster seem okay. The best part? 
Six kookies feed 60 hungry children through FEED. Eat 'em up! 

I have no clue what my life will look like much past next week 
(realistically, I'll probably be sitting right where I am now, but generally,
the future is very fuzzy). It's a scary feeling, and it makes me interested in writers
who explore themes that face twenty-somethings in this formative decade. 
There's no doubt Dunham will tell it to us straight.

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  1. Not That Kind of Girl is on my reading list too!

    If you're willing to splurge a little for the weekend, I'd say go to the Badger game, but since you mentioned saving money you might want to stick with the concert, especially because Badgers vs Iowa will happen every year and Eric Hutchinson doesn't :)