Tuesday, October 7, 2014

showdown of the shades

The chilly weather in Madison this weekend was a bitter reminder that frost and flurries aren't far off. I'm going to miss having the balcony door open—and do not look forward to wearing socks and boots every day. Unlike Raggs, Sorels and all the other accessories that come with the (cold) territory, sunglasses are usually associated with summer—right there with cut-offs and bikinis. But let's not forget the blinding reflections off bright white snow banks that make a good pair of shades just as important in winter. I thought I'd pick up super-angular flat-top frames, like the ones Kim is so often hiding behind, until I saw this photo of Ashley Olsen. The poster child for large-and-in-charge sunglasses looks fab in the fluid, seventies-inspired shape that's a perfect blend of bold (lens size) and delicate (temples), and The Row is developing a best-in-the-biz reputation for the style. As is the case in almost every fashion context, I think I have to side with the better half of the Olsen twosome on this one. What about you? Circle or square?

1 | The Row 
2 | Fantas Eyes 
3 | Wildfox 

5 | Icon Eyewear 

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