Tuesday, October 14, 2014

trick-or-treat at twenty-six

I hope you had a great weekend! One of my college besties was in town from Chicago, and I took her to all of my favorite haunts. We sipped chile-infused margaritas at Eldorado, snacked on cheese curds at Dlux, saw a show at The Majestic, and tailgated our way from Regent to State. We had a prime people-watching booth for lunch at Roast, and were unapologetic about scrutinizing passerby as we fueled up for the afternoon. For every predictable Sconnie tank top and neon fanny pack that stumbled past, we spotted an old-school cheerleader skirt. The sis-boom-bah style is—I suppose—a fitting choice for football Saturday, but it served as a better reminder that Halloween is around the corner. I haven't scurried from house to house reciting "trick or treat!" in years, but still think the day deserves some recognition. And any excuse to score some loot, right? King size Snickers don't really do it for me anymore, but there's plenty else I'd happily haul home in a plastic orange pumpkin pail. I live for draping scarves this time of year, and candied pecans are literally little bites of heaven. I can't figure out why I carry a basic black coffee mug when this cheery tangerine tumbler exists, a candle masquerading as a mini pumpkin is a tasteful and organic way to display some seasonal spirit, and wide-brimmed wool hats are quickly becoming the cool-girl calling card. Fill up on these treats this month because, Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids.


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