Monday, November 3, 2014

weekend recap

Good morning and happy Monday! Just a few snaps from the weekend in Chicago today. I'm so lucky to still be close with my college friends, and I love that most of them are just a quick two-hour drive from Madison, in Lincoln Park and Bucktown. On Friday night, Becca whipped up a quick dinner of pesto quinoa with Parmesan (a delicious little combo I am going to recreate this week!) before we snagged Halloween costumes at a very-picked-over seasonal pop-up shop. Later, it was so fun to catch up over a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio (and complimentary Halloween candy) at The Map Room while it snowed and howled outside. Stop in to the "traveler's tavern" for the insane selection of brews, but also because there's a little man who walks through the bar peddling fresh and authentic chicken, cheese and pork tamales from a mini Coleman—$6 for six. We couldn't help but take some home for a late-night snack. So, so good! Saturday we watched Iowa pummel Northwestern (yes!) over Piece pizza, then caught a couple movies on Netflix before Uber-ing over to Becca's brother's place in Lakeview for a Halloween party. Sunday morning, my sister (who's been in Chicago since college) picked up eggs, bacon and granola and mixed fizzy grapefruit-juice cocktails for a cozy brunch at her apartment before I headed home. Feeling ready for a new week!


  1. The Map Room is on my to-do list, but I live so "far" away. Glad you had a great time in Chicago!

  2. Definitely get some tamales, too! :) Thanks for reading!