Tuesday, November 18, 2014

holiday gift guide 1

It's time to get your Santa on! I've put together a few gift guides this year, and the first is for the guys. Dads, brothers and boyfriends can be hard to buy for—they don't need nearly as many David Yurman bangles and Lululemon bras as the gals. But at the same time, many men don't shop much at all, which means they're lacking many of the "basics" and leaving the door wide open for a savvy elf. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to shower them with everything they didn't know they needed.

1 | the most timeless sweater: a half-zip pullover looks great on men aged 24 to 94
2 | a French press for the perfect brew (or this for a quick cup)
3 | tumblers personalized with his city's coordinates, streets and sights
4 | a manly tobacco and leather scent in an easy-to-pocket package
5 | the new, GQ-approved wallet: boring brown is out, color is in
6 | a moisture-wicking tee for early mornings at the gym—you can never have enough
7 | a pizza stone for CPK-caliber pies (garnish with ribbon, red pepper flakes and fancy Parmesan)
8 | classic Clubmasters add vintage style to his sunglasses stockpile
9 | touchscreen-compatible gloves so he can swipe and scroll in sub-zero temps
10 | gone are his frat days and the unwelcome smells that went with them; a guy's place has got to smell good
11 | the modern weekend shoe, updated with cozy faux fur lining
12 | moonshine makes for a fun + adventurous cocktail post-present opening
13 | a new kind of history book: Glenn Beck's follow-up to Miracles and Massacres tells the story of the "unsung heroes and obscured villains" who helped make America
14 | patterned socks let him have a little fun, even when he's wearing a suit
15 | a silk knit tie that's as versatile as a Chambray shirt
16 | fragrance-free moisturizer with SPF helps keep his money maker forever young


  1. I actually got Dave a candle for Christmas -- I think all guys should have cozy apartments & he is obsessed with candles.

  2. Absolutely! I don't see it as feminine at all!