Thursday, November 13, 2014

look of the week 4

I love the tip in Bon Appetit's November issue to try several new dishes alongside family favorites each Thanksgiving as a way to keep the meal interesting and establish new traditions. Every year my mom slathers herbed butter all over a bird from Hy-Vee's highest weight class before stuffing it in the oven, and my sister mashes potatoes to velvety perfection with a time-tested, finger-licking formula. We wait 365 days for these familiar foods, and I wouldn't want to spoil anyone's holiday by subbing turkey for tofu. As Rapoport and co. advise however, most crowds are open to new tastes in vegetables, stuffing and dessert. In two weeks, I plan to introduce this Brussels sprouts side (chorizo adds kick!), a sourdough and Italian sausage stuffing (more crunchy than mushy is my style), and salted-butter apple galette (pumpkin pie is overrated) and see if they stick. Getting some time at the stove makes the day so much more fun, don't you think? I used the same method for mixing the familiar with the foreign when planning my look for the big feast. A new lipstick (NARS' Chestnut adds instant Upper East Side sophistication and reminds me of the beautiful-but-approachable Rachel Green) and a new way to wear fur (the stole is a glam twist on the ubiquitous vest) are fresh complements to old favorites: a cozy crew and soft denim. An icy steel nail lacquer ties together the gray and blues, and a chunky gold cuff on each wrist is the latest and greatest way to accessorize—bold, modern and committed like a wishy-washy, afterthought, lone bangle is not. If you're traveling for the long weekend and rolling up your sleeves in the kitchen like me, don't forget THIS and THIS!

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*Dior nail lacquer in Anise

Don't forget!

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