Tuesday, November 4, 2014

november short list

I can't believe it's already time for another short list (read last month's here). October flew by. But the holidays are on the horizon and I'm not unhappy about that! With Thanksgiving in just a few weeks, I wanted to share a poignant message about gratitude from John Foley, former Lead Solo Pilot of the Blue Angels, who spoke at my company meeting last week. He was an eloquent and captivating orator, punctuating lessons about trust, preparation and precision with video clips of daring aircraft stunts (that actually made my stomach flip) and squadron debriefings. All that is certainly relevant to a retail company on the cusp of the make-or-break sales season, but on a personal level, I really identified with his motto: "glad to be here." It's how the Blue Angels finish nearly every sentence, and seems to serve as a centering force. Foley charged everyone in the auditorium with internalizing the catchphrase, and reserving a few moments every morning for an attitude check and mental tally of what's good. No matter what stress and obstacles we face, happiness is a choice. And while I am super eager for certain things come spring and it's easy right now to focus on the downside, I'm making every attempt to appreciate my present situation (if you've ever moved to a new city and had a "what am I doing here?" moment, read this). Hopefully, you can find some meaning in his message, too. The November short list may not give my life meaning, but owning everything on it would help me see the world through Foley's rose-colored lenses (wink). As it gets colder, skincare that defends against dryness & dullness and re-energizing & elevating my apartment for cozy nights in are priorities. The moisturizing Lotus cream and Turkish spa towels are indulgent and effective means to those ends—and two of my favorites on the list. Enjoy all of this month's must-haves!

ONE | I love the convertible functionality of this wool-blend coat. A quilted hooded vest zips out of the refined shell, giving you three ways to wear it. And all together, it has great textural interest and nails the athleisure look.

TWO | I've been using dull hand-me-down silverware since my first apartment and am so ready to upgrade with a sleek new set. This one's delicate and angular lines make even cutting into a Lean Cuisine feel elegant.

THREE | I'll never forget being denied a promotion for showing my portfolio in print rather than on an iPad—and the insinuated importance of presentation has stuck with me. Put an impressive foot forward when meeting clients and potential employers with this pretty pave card case.

FOUR | Shower. Work. Sleep. Repeat. The cycle can become monotonous, but nice bed sheets and luxurious bath towels can make you look forward to the routine. This Turkish spa set is dense, highly absorbent, and even when you're just rinsing off after a workout, you'll get a luxurious payoff when you dry off. (Disclosure: I am a Lands' End employee, but am including this product objectively.)

FIVE | Skincare is my new favorite hobby—and even if it isn't an obsession for you, many complexions need extra attention in the winter. I started using this Fresh face cream a few weeks ago and love the intense hydration, fresh eucalyptus scent and anti-aging benefits.

SIX | Super obsessed with the combination of baby-soft fabric and sporty styling in this sweater. I want to live in it til March.

SEVEN | I bought a colorful blown glass jewelry dish when I traveled to Venice, and it holds special sentimentality as a souvenir. But my taste is now more in line with this simple ceramic catchall. I could use the additional storage space, and—attention Christmas shoppers—at just $12.50, it makes a great gift.

EIGHT | A friend of mine is having her bachelorette party in Napa this weekend, and I'm so sad that I couldn't make it work with my budget. This California Chardonnay will have to mentally transport me to wine country instead. If you're also in the market for some Golden State vino, here's a helpful buyer's guide.

NINE | Remember in college when taking thirty pictures at one bar was a slow night? I haven't had an actual camera since those days, and I'm so excited to snap high-quality photos again. Plus, this one has a super-snazzy social media upload feature. Promise I have plans to document more than my Saturday night cocktail.

TEN | Restoration Hardware's lighted trees are my favorite way to decorate for the holidays, and I love this new birchwood variety. The skinny branches are cleaner and more modern than a mini Frasier Fir, and it's attractive enough to keep as permanent decor. (Read my original review.)

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