Friday, December 5, 2014

bed makeover

As the year winds down, I naturally think about new starts. The first thing in my life that needs a refresh is my bed (justification to invest)! Shockingly, I still don't have a headboard. It wasn't a necessary or practical purchase during my mobile college years, but now I'm ready for the permanent feel and elevated look. My comforter is also on its last leg—the down used to be so fluffy my roommate was never sure if I was actually underneath, and its current pancake shape leaves something to be desired. That we spend one-third of our lives sleeping makes it a priority for me to have a bed that's a dream to fall into each night (a need that is only magnified in snuggle-and-stay-in winter months), and working as a copywriter in the Home business has taught me more about what I want in terms of fabric and thread count. I generally really like West Elm, silky cotton sateen, white or gray, and simple embroidery and texture. Scroll below to see all options I'm considering (obviously have some narrowing down yet to do!). Do you have a favorite bedding brand or store? Share your suggestions in the comments, and have a fantastic weekend—filled with blissful sleep!

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  1. I have a super similar duvet cover I got from Ikea! I would totally recommend mine -- $50 AND you can always bleach it to keep it fresh and white!