Tuesday, December 9, 2014

holiday gift guide 4

Is anyone else struggling to understand how Christmas is two weeks away? Maybe it's because there's no snow (knock on wood), and I haven't been hitting the holiday movies and music very hard. I guess I should start! While I've only watched Home Alone once so far this season, I have been diligent about shopping (shipping times require it!). As of yesterday, I have just two people left on my list. It can be fun to hem and haw over the perfect gift for that special someone, but there comes a point in mid-December (a point I am very near!) when you just need a no-brainer. Something as simple and guaranteed-to-please as the star atop the tree. Comfy PJs that are still appropriate when staying as someone's house guest, a luxurious body wash to replace her daily Dove on date night, and an artsy wall calendar that doubles as décor are all exactly that. For him, try a travel jump rope that'll keep him fit while away on business, a teeth-whitening kit for a sparkling smile, and a patterned watch strap to give his old sweatshirt-and-jeans standby some panache. K, listening to Christmas Pop on Spotify for the rest of the day—note to coworkers: please do not disturb (kidding, of course). Have a great day! 

13 | Boxer Briefs  14 | Back-up Phone Charger (also in Camo)

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