Friday, February 6, 2015

fendi ski stirrup leggings

February! YAY. I have some fun weekends planned this month, starting with a quick Saturday ski trip. If you've never snapped yourself into a set of Rossignols, get going! Like tennis or golf, skiing is a life skill that's as much social as sport—and something I hope to do much more of in the years ahead. I first pizza-ed down the bunny hill at age four and spent several winters as a ski club kid, but haven't tested my skills in YEARS. Here's hoping I can still bomb the iciest black diamonds, careen through winding woods trails at unsafe speeds and strike mid-air splits over a maze of moguls (ha!). I'll be wearing a mismatched assortment of my sister's old ski team gear, but in an ideal world, wouldn't Fendi stirrups be the way to go? Some bulk is unavoidable when you spend a day in the snow (the boots alone are behemoths), but these sleek fleece-lined leggings that look as good in the lodge as on the lifts just say supermodel.

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