Thursday, February 19, 2015

his style 7

Since I dedicated yesterday's post to J.Crew womenswear, it felt only fair to give the guys some love today. While I haven't taken a spring break since 2012 (Barcelona!), years of family vacations will always trigger an internal desire to pack up and fly south mid-March. With that just weeks away (and the bitter cold steamrolling us to insanity) it's high time to start scooping up shorter sleeves and breezier fabrics in anticipation of warmer weather—even if that's just a few days in Florida for now. While a few super summery pieces, like tanks and trunks, are necessary for south-of-the-border escapes, don't overdo it on that stuff too soon—most of the country is, after all, still covered in snow (and -11º when I woke up this morning!). A lighter long-sleeve sweater, freshly striped Oxford, fun floral shorts and bright Birks are great investments for early spring. This pieced nylon A-2 bomber is oozing cool, and I love the sporty appeal of a classic cap, Chino joggers and high-top sneaks! Reserve a spot for these in your suitcase now.

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