Monday, March 30, 2015

madewell jeans

I was talking to a friend the other day about jeans shopping when she lamented with disgust how she'd recently had to wear her LOW-RISE jeans, with all other pairs in the wash. It was funny, because I totally agree with her feelings on the once-ubiquitous rise, but I hadn't realized how right she was. Low-rise jeans used to be the only style I bought—and I still have some pairs lingering in my drawer—but I've been acutely aware in the last few months about how uncomfortable they are. Worrying about whether I'm inadvertently showing skin is a full-time job, and one I'd rather skip. I bought some J.Crew high-risers last fall and the waistline is not only slimming, but nicely nips everything in—eliminating risk of indecent exposure. Consider me a convert. I wear jeans almost every day, quickly wearing them out, and desperately need three or four new pairs. On my list: a cropped mid-rise, cool distressed, and high-rise flare or boot (or both?!), and I'm even tempted by some of these vintage crops. It feels like there are more options than ever, and I love it! I'm honestly too lazy to go to a department store and sift through brands when I don't know what I'm looking for (and, uh, no Nordstrom in Wisconsin..), but I've heard good things about Madewell jeans and almost every review on the site is a rave. Since they offer free shipping and returns, I think it's pretty safe to order a bunch of sizes and styles and see what sticks! Not a bad way to spend Monday night, right?! What fits are you wearing this season?


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