Tuesday, April 7, 2015

boots beauty

Announcement: my skin care routine just got a major upgrade! I actually enjoy the nightly process now, rather than seeing cleansing, toning, blahblahblah as an obstacle between my pillow and me. I was buying a few basics at Target.com, pleasantly surprised by some of the beauty brands stocked, when Boots No7 popped up in 'recommended products.' I was vaguely familiar with the brand both from living in Scotland and an Inside Edition segment that showcased the raging popularity of an anti-aging serum, but even more swayed by the pretty packaging and reasonable retails. I think we all want a little luxury when it comes to beauty, but let's be real—I do not have the pockets of La Mer-loving J.Lo. The hydrating-but-not-heavy No7 moisture creams come in sculptural glass pots that feel special and indulgent, and while they're technically fewer ounces than the 6.7-oz. Clinique pump I was routinely buying, require you to use less with each application. After MUCH internal debate over value, I decided to trade up because the Beautiful Skin Day Cream (Normal/Dry) has SPF and the Restore & Renew Night Cream is anti-aging (a preventive measure!)—both required components in my book. I've only been using the creams for a week, but my skin is so happy—and getting ready for bed so much BETTER. TIP: You can buy for concern and skin type for a truly customized product, so make sure you look closely at the specs! This guide is a huge help in determining what types of products you might need. I also purchased this super effective color-correcting primer to address the redness in my complexion and this pro-retinol serum. Shop all the products mentioned (and more) below!

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