Thursday, April 2, 2015


Two days later I'm still replaying Tuesday night's Bleachers concert in my mind and re-watching the videos on my phone. I discovered the band in January, instantly loving the '80s and '90s influences as much as Jack Antonoff's voice and lyrics—and immediately bought tickets when I learned they were stopping in Madison. I've seen "bigger" names perform live, but was more star-struck by Jack, whose birthday it was that night—I think because he just seems like that "regular guy" you knew in high school who's making his dreams happen. It was maybe my favorite concert yet—one of those where you sing along with every word and wish the night wouldn't end. But sadly, four-ish PBRs later, it wrapped with I Wanna Get Better. It was still pretty warm out (I'm talking fifties baby) as I walked home around eleven-thirty, and I was completely comfortable in this perfect baby blue bomber. The super-soft Merino knit is a little oversize for a slouchy fit I love, and for a concert, it's not as cliché as a leather moto jacket. A slit-back tank layered comfortably underneath and leather-look leggings were great for dancing all night. I love head-to-toe black, but studded flats in pretty, spring-y pastels offer a welcome feminine lift (I only actually own Rockstuds in my dreams). Bleachers is still touring—I highly suggest getting tickets!


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