Monday, April 6, 2015

mad for joan

Today, some wise words from Joan Harris in celebration of Mad Men's Sunday return (did you watch?!). Peggy gets a lot of the credit, but Joan is my favorite female cast member. She's unwaveringly self-assured, calm, ambitious and in control. I love the way she commands the SC&P personnel; there's something very comforting about her demeanor. And girl's got some style. Another one of her more memorable lines comes in conversation with Peggy regarding workplace respect, "You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl." Transitioning from my early twenties to mid/late twenties (is 27 "late" twenties?!), this is an applicable reminder. Time just passes and it's easy to forget I'm not that new grad anymore—and daily dress code should reflect that. I recently cleaned five bags of clothes out of my closet and am restocking with quality, classic pieces I know I love and fit well—like this sweater I want to buy in every color (current count: 5) because it's just so EASY. I linked to this and more age-appropriate favorites below—staples I know make a good impression, on or off the clock. (After writing this, I read this article, which nicely sums up my strategy!)


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