Thursday, April 16, 2015

organization overhaul

Moving inspires organization like no other. I ruthlessly rid my bathroom, wardrobe, filing and work areas of all things superfluous before moving last week (goodbye paper pay stubs..). My new apartment is a little smaller than my last, so I have to be clever about maximizing space and creating storage where it doesn't organically exist. I'd wanted to add some "glamour" to my bathroom and vanity for a while, too, so having a brand new space was the perfect opportunity to up both form and function. Enter The Container Store. Oh my GOSH. I don't think I ever quite realized the gloriousness of this place. It offers a solution for every problem I never knew I had. These and this really cater to the jewelry and cosmetic corralling that is my Achilles heel, and displaying brushes and lipsticks in this collection's brush holder (rather than jamming them in cluttered drawers) adds a simple elegance to getting ready. A business card holder and pencil cup go a long way in creating more structure around my computer for blogging, writing thank-you notes and the rampant list-making I tend to do, and I'm inclined to pull a Willy Wonka and position this on my breakfast bar, permanently filled with Swedish Fish. I went home from the France Avenue mega-store last weekend with a hefty bag full of acrylic canisters for a clean look—and satisfied feel—that carries throughout my apartment. Get everything I picked up and more organization god-sends below!
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  1. YES! Love this post - I recently just bought some organization tools for my bathroom - it has helped a lot but still struggling with my closet!