Wednesday, April 15, 2015

origins charcoal mask

It's been a busy few days in my world since the move last week! It's crazy how in just twenty-four hours, your whole reality can shift. Last Wednesday, I was waking up in Madison and driving along rural 18-151 to Dodgeville every day; just a week later, that route and routine seem like little more than a memory. And while there are so many things that are better since relocating (love my apartment and its location, for one!), I think it'll still take a little time for this new situation to feel 100% familiar and comfortable. But my weeks are already so much fuller than they used to be, and that's what I wanted most. After a full weekend, I caught up with a friend over the Masters and Chipotle on Sunday night; ran the Isles and made meals for the week Monday night, grabbed salads at Agra Culture and watched RHONY with my sister on Tuesday, and have plans to see more friends the rest of the week. With a busy schedule and lots of change (welcome though they are), little pampering rituals—and rest—are the best medicine. I recently tried Origins Charcoal Mask to treat some of the blackheads and blemishes I noticed popping up along with packing, Uhaul-driving and transferring my life across state lines. You've probably heard some of the beauty buzz around charcoal; in this formula, the activated material acts like a magnet to extract the "deep-dwelling" dirt and debris that clog pores. I smoothed the dark cream over my face after a long Monday, focusing on the T-zone, and let it do its thing for twenty minutes. My skin felt and looked PURE after washing it off with warm water (that magnet visual is powerful!), and now, the detoxifying mask is a welcome weekly ritual to both combat blackheads and relieve daily stress and anxiety. Get the mask and shop other Origins products I sampled (and loved) below!

feature image via Harper's Bazaar

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