Wednesday, April 1, 2015

show some shoulder

Back in 2009, I interned at a book publicity company in NYC. Living in the greatest city on earth was as much the experience as the internship, and I had three great roommates to see and do it all with. Some of the best times, though, were at the intersection of 23rd and 3rd, just sitting around the kitchen table (we jokingly/affectionately called it "table time"), drinking red wine from solo cups, listening to Kings of Leon and Santigold, and deciding what to do that night. One of my roommates was from Texas. She had long, stick-straight blond hair and the coolest, funniest personality. She was interning at some atelier—I can't remember which now—she knew all the best sample sales to hit, and I was a little intimidated by her fashion prowess. A loose, off-the-shoulder blouse was one of her signature looks. At the time, I didn't feel like I could pull it off, but the trend gained a lot of traction in 2014, proving showing off your shoulders this spring is definitely not just for fashion-savvy girls who say "y'all." The look is really flattering on everyone—I don't know many people whose "problem area" is their decolletage/neckline—and gives off a really carefree, quietly sexy vibe. I linked to a ton of pretty options below, all under $200! The blue and white embroidered and red floral are my favorites, perfect for sipping a cocktail on a sun-drenched patio. (P.S. Sorry for the ridiculous lyrics I pasted onto this photo, but does anyone NOT think of this song when you're talking shoulders?! It'll be playing in my head whenever I pull out this look.)

image via WhoWhatWear

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