Friday, May 29, 2015

summer shorts edit

HELLOOOOO! I haven't posted in a while and it's killinggggg me (is it killing YOU?)! I'm totally using my April move/life transition as an excuse, which I think is valid. But I have been itching to get going on the blog again and am pretty settled into my new routine, so some fun new posts are coming! Hang in there with me!

We've had a good streak of gray days in Minneapolis, but Wednesday and Thursday of this week were beauts! HOT, sunny—and humid. The aggressive humidity reminded me that I need some new shorts to beat the heat (currently in my drawer: three measly pairs!). I freely admit I used to be a short-shorts kind of girl. Daisy Dukes were more comfortable to me than longer styles that bunched up—and in college you can get away with a "scandalous" inseam—but too-tiny, ragged cut-offs really aren't gonna fly anymore. With the right accessories and styling, shorts that hit at mid-thigh can be super street chic and playful at the same—and summer is all about fun, isn't it?

High-waisted styles with texture and pattern offer a polished spin on the more casual look of shorts, and good old-fashioned denim and J.Crew's cult classic Chinos are perennial favorites. Relaxed pull-on pairs are popular this year (elastic waist = more room for food truck tacos!), and I like the retro look of these (25% OFF!). I pulled together a few pairs I'm thinking about buying as alternatives to jeans for walks around the lake, movies in the park, and dinners on patios in the next few weeks. These especially would have been perfect for Hola Arepa last night (loved the yuca fries)!

5 | White Denim Short 6 | 4" Chino Short (tons of colors)
9 | Origami Wrap Tie Skort (perfect for a night out) 10 | Pretty Embroidered Shorts

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