Monday, June 29, 2015

6 beach bags you need in your life

I had so much fun at my friend's cabin this weekend. It's just an hour and a half southeast of Minneapolis, and the drive along the Mississippi is the prettiest. The weather was perfect on Saturday, and we made the most of it lying in the sun, swimming off the boat and staying up late. Dinner involved pigs in a blanket, so the day basically couldn't have been better.

I stuffed lake and overnight essentials in an old canvas carryall from college, which worked fine, but served as a reminder I could use an upgrade for future day trips. I've never had a "dedicated" beach bag—always repurposing totes bought for school or travel. But as I get older, I'm gradually able to buy products that serve unique purposes (like a panini press or margarita glasses) rather than relying on one thing to do it all, and as I do, I'm continuously pleased with the results. Like, there's a reason we don't sip wine from water cups.

Plus, hauling sunglasses and SPF in a tough but lightweight tote made for the sun and sand makes me feel more comfortable—like I know how to "beach." Nothing worse than looking like a rookie. All six of these fun styles would heat up the boardwalk, but forced to choose I'd proudly carry the playful clear turquoise (reminds me of jelly sandals!) or the tasseled Sensi, handmade by Ecuadorian artisans. That woven straw look is quintessentially coastal, evoking quaint seaside villages, and in black, it won't clash with whatever the swimwear of the day.

What are you carrying to the lake this summer?

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